Nice Trip is an easy-to-use trip planning program running on mobile devices. With Nice Trip, a user can:

1. Easily setup a complex trip plan in a matter of minutes! For example, a 7-day trip, which has 50 sites, will be ready within 10 minutes. This can be achieved through "adding site from map" feature, which supports one-click entries for 7 types of sites. For most of the sites, specified arrival / departure time is optional. With the help of the 'auto time calculation' feature, users only need to set how long they want to stay on the sites, the system will calculate the arrival / departure time on the sites and the time spent on transportation.

2. Easily adjust the schedule during the trip.

3. Get turn by turn directions to each site through integrated GPS applications.

4. Get alerts before a specified time of the arrival / departure time, so that a flight / bus, performance, celebration, meeting, check-in / checkout, and other set-time events will not be missed.

5. Categorize all the pictures taken during the trip by places.

6. Show the trip routes on the map, all the days can be displayed together using different color schemes, or they can be displayed day by day.

7. Get accurate arrival /departure time even if the trip crosses multiple time zones.

8. Retrieve the weather forecast information for every site in your trip, and the weather forecast is provided based on the arrival / departure time of each site.

9. Retrieve sunrise/sunset local time of every site.

10. Share your trip plan with other people using an assigned access code. The trip plan can be viewed by other people once it is shared by the owner. This feature is very helpful if you are taking a group trip with several other families, as it will be easier for every member to discuss and plan a clear schedule for the whole trip.

11. Directly call the airport, hotel, restaurant and other business places in the trip.

12. Multi-language is supported.












Video Share is a program running on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone. This program enables piano students to access thousands of video / audio resources that help students accelerate and improve their piano learning process. All the videos are recorded with high definition; all the audios are produced professionally. Each selection is played by professional piano teachers with many years of teaching experience, and we are always adding new repertoire.

A frequent asked question is "There are a lot of piano resources like DVDs and CDs, or even you can search many related YouTube videos, why v-share?". The answer is that when students practice piano daily, a handled device like iPad / Tablet is one of the most ideal tools. Usually when students sit in front of a piano, accessing TV, CD Player or laptop is not convenient, but a handled device can be easily put on the piano, the finger touch operation is the most convenient way. Searching for videos on YouTube is quite time-consuming, and often most parents, with limited musical knowledge, can’t judge whether the videos searched are good enough.

To get more detail information about V-Share application, please visit our branch site at V-Share Home Page. We sincerely invite you to install V-Share application by clicking or scanning the QR codes below:

Lottery Winner is a application running on android devices or iOS devices, such as android smart phones, iPhone or iPad. Currently both android version and iPhone version have been released. This is the Canadian edition which supports Lotto Max and Lotto 649.

Lottery Winner is a free software, it provides the following major features that would help most of lottery players, especially those group players:

1. Capture a ticket by phone's camera
2. Recognize numbers on the picture of the ticket
3. Check winning result
4. Share to group members (or yourself) by email that includes the ticket picture and a link to check the winning
5. One click to check the winning through your phone (by clicking the 'Check Winning' button) or online (by clicking the url included in the email), in an intuitive way. Not only you know "Did I win?", but also you know "How did I win/not win?" in a number matching list 6. Every ticket can be saved in your phone for future process

If you would like to know how to use this application, here is the Guide about how to successfully OCR a MAX/649 lottery ticket.

Android screens:

iPhone screens:

To play with Lottery Winner, your phone needs to have a camera, and a SD Card should be installed in the phone (Android phones). To install V-Share application, please click or scan the QR code below:

The lottery ticket with your signature(s) is the only official proof to claim winning, which means, although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of Lottery Winner application and the information on, no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied about all the information generated by Lottery Winner application or, such as (but not limited to) literal material, images, messages and winning checking result. Please visit a retailer to obtain a list of official winning numbers or to use an in-store ticket checker.